Zero Gravity Massaging Chair

Zero Gravity Massaging Chair Abstract

There is nothing more stimulating than a massage to soften your stiff shoulders after a hard day’s work. However, going out for a massage at times can be a stressful feat by itself. This Zero-gravity massaging chair will put your body in a comfortable position, displacing muscle tension and stress across your entire body instead of a particular region in the body.

Zero Gravity Massaging Chair Video

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What is Zero Gravity Massaging Chair ?

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  The zero gravity massage chair has a more sophisticated roller technology for a very soothing foot sole massage that will leave you feeling as if you had entrusted yourself to a professional masseuse. The chair is especially known for its air bags, which are designed to cover the shoulders, neck, arm, lower back,  
calves, and feet.

How Zero Gravity Massaging Chair works?

The chair with its 4-wheel driven back massage has a vertical movement that is adjustable for massaging your neck to lower back. The shiatsu style of spinal rolling backstretch, kneading, vibrations, with the automatic mode provides you multi-functional automatic massages with varying combination methods from your whole body to isolated areas of your neck, shoulders, neck, waist, and back. The luxury chair puts you in the driver’s seat with its manual mode to adjust the back rollers, to adjust the speed, width, and strength, vibrator, and airbags modes in 3-speed options. The relaxing shoulders air massage has 4 air bags, the arms air massage is mounted with 24 airbags with 6 air massage combinations. One can enjoy the 2 intensity levels and the seat hips and buttocks seat massage, mounted with 4 airbags. The calve muscles will be invigorated with the 8 airbags, and the feet will be rejuvenated using the 8 air bags with deep massage. The chair provides foot pressure points for stimulating the heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, head, eyes, thyroid, gallbladder and more with its 6 kneading balls located at the soles of your feet. A wonderful relaxing and soothing feature is its built-in therapy in the back area of the chair. This smart chair starts with an automatic shoulder and back full scanning program that verifies your body size giving you a tailored massage for your needs. Rolling moves up and down to simulate fixed-point revolving fingers; kneading relieves muscle aches and pains working out knots; shiatsu power rollers give you the absolute feel of a professional massage therapist for relaxation, fatigue decrease, waking your entire body. The seat cushion has vibrators and when working in conjunction with the back rollers, you will have a truly wonderful experience. Circulation improves by dilating the blood vessels to remove toxins in your blood, organs, and tissue. You will have 4 different programs, 3 manual techniques such as tapping, combo, and kneading. You can select from 3 levels of intensity and the rollers apply pressure along the back as it moves down. A more robust massage is great in the back area. You can also control the massage speed from slow to fast. The zero-gravity reclining chair will indeed remove the stress from your spine when it elevates to the zero-gravity position. Your feet will be at the same level as your heart. Your circulation will be improved, you will be more relaxed, and your heart will not work so hard.

Zero Gravity Massaging Chair Advantages

  • It helps you to relax your back and your neck:this massage chair helps
    to relieve your back and neck off the pain and pressure. The spine should have an S shape and when people stay at one place, seated, for too long, the spine takes a C shape. This is because the gravity has a lot of pressure on the spine. This chair eliminates the pressure of gravity and allows your spine to relax and get back to its natural shape. This reduces the pull and tension and helps to relax your lower back, spine, upper back and your neck. It also helps to remove the pain of the spine.
Zero Gravity Massaging chair | Helps to Relax Back and Neck
  • A massage chair helps to relieve the muscle tension:the zero gravity massage chair allows relieving the muscle and providing relaxation. The positions we take, while standing or while sitting exerts a lot of pressure on the muscles all over the body. Now, when the body is put to the zero gravity position, it releases the tension from the back and spine. The position also allows the oxygen to reach the area and hence improve circulation throughout.
Zero Gravity Massaging Chair | Helps to relieve Muscles Pain and tensions
  • Takes care of your heart:a zero gravity massage chair takes care of your heart as well. This position prevents undue pressure that can be exerted on your heart. This position increases the blood flow and allows the blood to get into the heart very easily. This further allows your heart to pump blood effectively and without any additional efforts. This blood reaches the various parts of your body and revitalizes your system. Your heart also has to pump blood to your legs, against the force of gravity. This adds the pressure put on it. Thus, this zero gravity massage chair reduces the pressure on your heart and improves circulation throughout your body.
Zero gravity Massaging Chair | Helps to take care of Your Heart
  • It improves the expansion of your lungs:yes! Using a zero gravity massage chair allows you to increase the lung expansion. It takes pressure away from the spine and hence makes way for your lungs. This increased space allows your lungs to expand more and fully. This expansion allows your body to take in more oxygen.
Zero Gravity Massaging Chair | Helps to Improve Lung's Funtions
  • Increases your circulation:there is no doubt in the fact that massage helps you to increase the circulation in your body. The heart works better and more efficiently because it can now pump blood horizontally and is not required to go against gravity to pump it vertically. This boost in circulation allows blood to reach the various places and parts of the body easily and more effectively.
Zero Gravity Massaging Chair | Helps to Improve Blood Circulations
  • Increases relaxation:the massage chair is the best known equipment to combine massage and stress busting techniques. It helps you feel relaxed and thus brings your mind and body together. It calms your system down and makes you more peaceful and gathered.
Zero Gravity Massaging Chair | Combination of Massage and stress busting technique
  • Massage chair helps to reduce the tension of your muscle: massage chair helps to not only relax your muscles but also helps to release the tension. Tension of the muscles can prove to be very bad for your body. Your body works and functions because of the coordination and efforts of your muscles. The more tensed they are, the more ineffective is their functioning. Thus massage chairs are equipped to provide you with the most soothing and all round massage with the various techniques it has to offer. Thus a massage chair will help you out with re energizing your body as well.
Zero Gravity Massaging Chair | Helps to release Stree and tensions
  • Health Benefits of Massage ChairsBenefits you will achieve from using a massage chair:
    • Total relaxation and freedom of stress and you might doze off
    • Blood vessels and lymphatic (immune system) vessels improve to eliminate toxins from your body and can improve blood pressure
    • Relaxing stiff, tight, and sore muscles with fewer muscle spasms and knots
    • Increasing blood flow provides more oxygenated blood to your whole body and healing will be accomplished sooner
    • Improves flexibility and balance
    • Improves breathing by loosening tight muscles around the ribs
    • Increased endorphins, a brain chemical for providing pain relief naturally, will be enhanced; exercise increases endorphins also
    • Better posture and less back and neck pain from tight muscles
    • Helps with degenerative arthritis by reducing or eliminating abnormal pressure on bones, ligaments, tendons, and tissue
    • Increased sense of well-being with relaxed muscles, increased levels of endorphins, blood and lymph fluid flow to feel stronger and younger with a lovely youthful glow.

Zero Gravity Massaging Chair Disadvantages

Despite the blissful idea of owning or frequently using a massage chair, there are some disadvantages.


  • One disadvantage to a massage chair is the high cost. If you plan on purchasing one for your home, you can easily spend more than $2,000. Paying to use a massage chair can add up quickly.

Weight of Chair

  • Massage chairs are very heavy. Not only are they the size of recliners, they are made with electronic equipment that adds a lot of bulk and weight. This can be a huge disadvantage if you need to move it or have it shipped.

Not as Effective

  • Using a massage chair can be very relaxing and prove to be beneficial for aches and pains. Unfortunately, using a massage chair isn't as effective as using a licensed masseuse. If you have problem spots or continuous pain, you may need to go to a masseuse.

Maximum User Weight

  • Some massage chairs have a maximum user weight. This will be a disadvantage for those who weigh more than the maximum and cannot use the chair.

Not advised for the pregnant and those menstruating

  • There is also that possibility that one could complicate other existing conditions by correcting another through massages. There is a reason why pregnant women, those menstruating and those that have recently consumed alcohol are not advised to undergo anybody manipulation. The wrong kind may send their biological functions haywire. Massage does not only align the muscles. It also opens up vessels; increases blood and lymph flow and stimulates reparative or immune body responses. If it were done at the wrong time, major, life-threatening consequences may come about.

Time consuming

  • On the subject of being too much, massages can also be very time consuming since a session usually lasts around an hour to two, depending on how large the area you’d like to be worked on is. For professionals and those often on-the-go, these kinds of activities are frivolous and a waste of time. You don’t get things done by spending part of the day lying down and doing nothing. And even if it’s something you can consider is good for your health, you can’t possibly retrieve lost opportunities with it.


  • One can injure himself accidentally or aggravate one’s condition further while on the massage table. This could be caused by two things. Either, the deep muscle manipulation one have received was something too much for the body to handle or that your masseuse was too rough or irresponsible when it comes to kneading your body. Underneath and surrounding the muscles are a fine network of nerves. And unlike musculature, they do not actually grow back and regain function once damaged. So one have to be careful about getting too much or the wrong kind of massages.
  • Finally, some people find issue when it comes to the nudity or partial nudity associated with getting a massage. Not that it is a disadvantage completely. But it does pose some limitation to enjoyment as well as wellness. And for the money and time you invest, one deserves to feel completely safe and rejuvenated by the process, whatever your presentation may be. In spite all of these though, there is no denying that the benefits of massages outweighs its contradictions. So at the end of it, the decision just boils down to preference.

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