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3D Printer is one of the greatest unique printing machine which prints more functional multiple 3D objects in bulk by adding layers of materials like plastic or metals through a computerized design input in few minutes.  

3D Printer Video

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What is 3D Printer? 

3D Printer is just a machine to print 3D objects of various uses in almost every fields like Medicinal, toys, automobiles, model making and many more through computerized design input. Computerized design input is created by some modeling software like CAD, Blender, etc. 3D Scanners is also used to convert physical object to a computerized design inputs for 3D printer.

3D Scanner: It is a specific kind scanning device which scans any physical objects like any other scanners and converts it into computerized design inputs for 3D printer.
 Modeling Software: It is a special kind of Computer software which is used to create computerized design inputs for 3D printer. There are many softwares which is used like CAD, Blender,etc.

How 3D Printer works?

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    After the computerized design input is ready and stored in micro SD. It is connected to the printer and the object is displayed on the print display area. 3D printer has an extruder which sends filaments (colorful plastic string or other required materials)to the hot ends where it gets melted for 3D printing. The hot end has a nozzle at its tip through which the melted materials come out to print required 3D objects on a print bed area. There is also a cooling fan (some 3D printers have more than one cooling fans as per the need) which plays an important role to crisp the sharp edges instantly in order to maintain the good shapes of the objects.

  Important things to remember are the nozzle size. smaller nozzle size prints smoother, finished, more rigid, accurate and detailed parts; bigger nozzle size produces faster printing objects and pints heavy base objects which has better reliability.Multiple extruder is also used in many printers for multi-color objects.

3D Printer Advantages

  1.  It helps to produce high quality 3D objects in bulk.
  2. It prints one complete objects with no joints, hence more durable. 
  3.  Available in various sizes hence easy to carry and maintain as per the need of industries’ business and purpose. 
  4.  Very helpful, manageable, effective and profitable machine becoz it deals with small scale business from home to large scale business in industries.
  5.  3D printer’s parts can be easily upgraded and modified for specific applications and purposes.

  3D Printer Disadvantages

  1.  Can be unprofitable if the printed objects have any defects or loopholes because it can’t be recycled as it needs only strings of various size.
  2.  Can be expensive for small scale business becoz it’s strings are costly but printed objects could be of less price.

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