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Intelligent parking chair

Intelligent parking chair Abstract

Inspired by the technology and learning behind its self-parking cars, Nissan designed what it calls the “Intelligent Parking Chair.” Watching the mobile chairs skitter under tables is charming, like some sort of Pixar film about polite office furniture. “By day, these chairs are inanimate objects. By night, they park!”

The Intelligent Parking Chair is a promotional project that materializes Nissan’s corporate vision of “enriching people’s lives through technology”. It was produced in collaboration with the award-winning creative team BIRDMAN.

Intelligent parking chair Video

what is Intelligent parking chair ?

Nissan have come up with something more practical for the time being: self-parking office chairs. With a single clap, these futuristic furniture will automatically tuck themselves back into their rightful positions, thus keeping your office or meeting room neat and tidy. And of course, it’s also fun to watch, as you can see in this  video above.

The self-parking chairs that react to a hand clap, returning to their fixed positions, for example, after workers leave a meeting. The technology can liberate people from the “annoying task” of returning chairs to their original positions.

With this innovation in office technology, Japanese businessmen are now freed from the troublesome task of arranging chairs, using this new technology already adopted in the X-Trail Hybrid and other Nissan vehicles.

Intelligent parking chair



How Intelligent parking chair works?

Intelligent Parking Chair: how it works. (PRNewsFoto/Nissan Motor Co Ltd.)


The “Intelligent Parking Chair” is a unique chair that automatically moves to a set position. The chair includes a roller to automatically move 360 degrees paired with a system that indicates the target position. Four cameras placed on the room’s ceiling generate a bird’s-eye view to wirelessly transmit the chair’s position and its route to destination.

As with self-parking cars, cameras are used to analyze the locations of the chairs, and then computers remotely control the rollers inside the bottom of each chair.

Named the “Intelligent Parking Chair,” these high-tech pieces of office furniture may look a little bulky, but that’s mostly because being sleek and letting you be a slob don’t exactly go hand in hand. Nissan says these modified Okamura chairs are actually tracked by four motion cameras stationed at various strategic angles within a room. These Wi-Fi-controlled cameras are then able to transmit information to the chairs — or as the car company puts it, “generate a bird’s-eye view to wirelessly transmit the chair’s position and its route to destination.”

Then, when you clap, the chair takes this information and acts upon it, sliding back into its original position as though you and your colleagues were never there.

“By day, these chairs are inanimate objects,” Nissan boasts. “By night, they park!”

Intelligent parking chair Advantages

  • This technology reduces the human effort to arrange the chairs after a long day works or lengthy
  • It reduces the works of peon who has so many other works like to arrange the files clean the rooms which can be done simultaneously.
  • It is less time consuming as these self parking chairs  arrange  themselves automatically just on one clap.
  • This technology helps to maintain the order and discipline in the institute as there is no stress on arrangement of the chairs and the meeting can be arranged frequently as per the needs without any

Intelligent parking chair Disadvantages

  • There’s a fine line between making our lives easier and making us lazy, and as of late, technology is reallytoeing that line. The most recent example comes from the folks at Nissan, who have unveiled a self-parking office chair because apparently, it’s now too difficult to push your own seat in when you get up. Seriously, it’s like we’re celebrating slovenliness.
  • The chair, which was inspired by the slightly more useful self-parking car technology, is able to make 360-degree turns, zero in on a target location, and then literally put itself away. It’s a bit reminiscent of “Night at the Museum,” only instead of formerly animate animals coming to life, this is an inanimate chair moving around of its own accord.
  • These high technology based chairs are so costly that every local or small firms cannot afford to have it.
  • This technology required separate specific rooms for the alignment of chairs and room cameras with Wi-Fi connection which will control the chairs movements which is difficult for every firm to arrange. Hence can be arranged in few selected institutions.
  • As the chairs are self arranging, what if the chairs are manually shifted for some important discussion and on a single unwanted clap it starts moving and disturbs the very important talk.
  • What if the chairs are needed in some other room for special arrangements? It is so funny to imagine the chairs are moving from one room to another on a single clap.
  • Since the chairs are self parking, the person may get hurt if he is coming on the way of chairs while aligning to their original position as the technology is made only to judge the aligning position of the chairs and not to check the human body.
  • No doubt it reduces the human efforts but on the other hand it requires human effort to clap and to check the process of alignment.
  • These technologies are not suitable for classroom teaching or any seminars because on every clap while teaching or explaining the chairs will start moving and will disturb the whole group.

Unfortunately, the technology won’t be setting anyone in the office free just yet. Nissan has no plans for now to make the self-parking chairs commercially available.


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