Monday , March 19 2018
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Brain Gate

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Pill Camera

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Smart Quill

Smart Quill Abstract Smart Quill is basically a pen that is been used to write same as normal pen. But the difference is that this pen remembers what you write and then is converts it into the computer text. This pen records the information inserted by the user. Smart Quill …

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pile foundation Abstract A pile foundation is a vertical structural element of a deep foundation, driven deep into the ground at the building site. a pile is a long slender foundation member, made either of timber, structural steel or concrete which might be cast-in-situ or driven and acts as a structural member to transfer the …

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Haptic Reader


Haptic Reader Abstract The Haptic Reader helps blind people to read non-Braille books. When you place it on the page of a book it scans the letters on the page. The letters are converted to Braille characters, which appear on the surface of the device. The text can also be …

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