Monday , March 19 2018
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Brain Gate

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Pill Camera

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Kobetsu Kaizen

Kobetsu Kaizen Abstract ‘Kobetsu’ basically means individual or focused. This is a Kaizen driven for a very specific issue, in comparison to a broad approach that some Kaizen address. “Kai” means change, and “Zen” means good (for the better ). Basically kaizen is for small improvements, but carried out on …

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KAIZEN Abstract ‘Kaizen’ is a third pillar of Total Productive maintenance{TPM}. ‘Kaizen’ is a Japanese word which means ‘change for the good’. It is a process through which the defects and losses are removed and the good quality services are made possible for the better growth of the company. Hence …

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Zero Gravity Massaging Chair

Zero Gravity Massaging Chair Abstract There is nothing more stimulating than a massage to soften your stiff shoulders after a hard day’s work. However, going out for a massage at times can be a stressful feat by itself. This Zero-gravity massaging chair will put your body in a comfortable position, …

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