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Pill Camera

Pill Camera Abstract

Pill Camera is a great development in the field of technology and surgical. According to convention method, to have a complete body check-up you need to pass a long procedure. But After the development of this pill camera it became so easy and more convenient. You just need to have this pill as normal medical pill and the rest of the work is been done by this pill. This pill contains a small camera which rotates in your body so that the doctor can diagnose your body and can give you proper treatment.

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Pill Camera Video

What is Pill Camera?

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Imagine a vitamin pill-sized camera that could travel through your body taking pictures, helping diagnose a problem which doctor previously would have found only through surgery. No longer is such technology the stuff of science fiction films.

 Conventional method:

Currently, standard method of detecting abnormalities in the intestines is through endoscopic examination in which doctors advance a scope down into the small intestine via the mouth. However, these scopes are unable to reach through all of the 20-foot-long small intestine, and thus provide only a partial view of that part of the bowel. With the help of pill camera not only can diagnoses be made for certain conditions routinely missed by other tests, but disorders can be detected at an earlier stage, enabling treatment before complications develop.

The capsule is equipped with a miniature video camera and light source It travels painlessly through your entire digestive tract. It captures images quickly and sends them to a recording device you wear during the procedure.

And, unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you can move around freely throughout the examination. PillCam SB is disposable and passes naturally through your body.


How Pill Camera works?

pill_camera_structures pill camera pdf, pill camera ppt, pill camera price, pill camera seminar topic, pill camera advantages, pill camera structure, pill camera architecture, pill camera drawbacks

The device, called the given Diagnostic Imaging System, comes in capsule form and contains a camera, lights, transmitter and batteries. The capsule has a clear end that allows the camera to view the lining of the small intestine. Capsule endoscopy consists of a disposable video camera encapsulated into a pill like form that is swallowed with water. The wireless camera takes thousands of high-quality digital images within the body as it passes through the entire length of the small intestine. The latest pill camera is sized at 26*11 mm and is capable of transmitting 50,000 color images during its traversal through the digestive system of patient.

Video chip consists of the IC CMOS image sensor which is used to take pictures of intestine .The lamp is used for proper illumination in the intestine for taking photos. Micro actuator acts as memory to store the software code that is the instructions. The antenna is used to transmit the images to the receiver. For the detection of reliable and correct information, capsule should be able to designed to transmit several biomedical signals, such as pH, temp and pressure. This is achieved with the help of Soc.

external reference crystal or clock. The decoder IC receives the serial stream and interprets the serial information as 4 bits of binary data. Each bit is used for channel recognition of the control signal from outside the body. Since the CMOS image sensor module consumes most of the power compared to the other components in the telemetry module, controlling the ON/OFF of the CMOS image sensor is very important.

Moreover, since lightning LED’s also use significant amount of power, the individual ON/OFF control of each LED is equally necessary. As such the control system is divided into 4 channels in the current study. A high output current amplifier with a single supply is utilized to drive loads in capsule.

Pill Camera Advantages

  1.  small camera can enter in our body so that doctor can view our internal things
  2. it is big achievement in medical industry
  3. using pill camera doctors can easily identify our diseases

Pill Camera Drawbacks

It is a revolution, no question about it but the capsule poses medical risks

1.”Unfortunately, patients with gastrointestinal structures or narrowing are not good candidates for this procedure due to the risk of obstruction”. It might also happen that the pill camera might not be able to traverse freely inside digestive system, which may cause the tests to be inconclusive.

  1. If there is a partial obstruction in the small intestine, there is a risk that the pill

will get stuck there and a patient who might have come in for diagnostical reasons may end up in the emergency room for intestinal obstruction.

  1. The pill camera can transmit image from inside to outside the body. Consequently it becomes impossible to control the camera behaviour, including the on/off power functions and effective illuminations inside the intestine.


The first drawback is overcome using another product manufactured with the help of nanotechnology which is the rice- grain sized motor. This miniature motor, when attached to the pill camera gives it a propelling action inside the body, which makes it easy for the pill to find its way through the digestive system. Also the grain-sized motor has an application of its own too. It can be employed to rupture and break painful kidney stones inside the body. The other two drawbacks can be overcome using a bidirectional wireless telemetry camera.

The current paper presents the design of a bidirectional wireless telemetry camera, 11mm in diameter, which can transmit video images from inside the human body and receive the control signals from an external control unit. It includes transmitting antenna and receiving antenna, a demodulator, a decoder, four LED’s, a CMOS image sensor, along with their driving circuits. The receiver demodulates the received signal that is radiated from the external control unit. Next, the decoder receives this serial stream and interprets the five of the binary digits as address code. The remaining signal is interpreted as binary data. As a result proposed telemetry model can demodulate the external signals to control the behaviour of the camera and 4 LED’s during the transmission of video image. The CMOS image sensor is a single chip 1/3 inch format video camera, OV7910, this can provide high level functionality with in small print footage. The image sensor supports an NTSC-type analogcolor video and can directly interface with VCR TV monitor. Also image sensor has very low power consumption as it requires only 5 volt dc supply.


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