Friday , May 25 2018
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Haptic Reader

Haptic Reader Abstract

The Haptic Reader helps blind people to read non-Braille books. When you place it on the page of a book it scans the letters on the page. The letters are converted to Braille characters, which appear on the surface of the device. The text can also be converted to voice, which is played through the embedded speaker.

What is Haptic Reader?

Haptic Reader is an idea gadget that elements an imaginative method for blinding individuals on perusing non-Braille books. This gadget fuses a level glass surface that changes over the letters of a page into Braille characters and ventures them on the level surface of this gadget when the client places it on a book. In addition, this gadget likewise helps those individuals who don’t know perusing Braille characters through the inserted speaker. The gadget can examine the content and change over it into voice which is played by means of the speaker. The helpful gadget is composed simply and is all that much advantageous to utilize.

Haptic Reader Helps Blind People Reading Non-Braille Books

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How Haptic Reader Works?

working strategy is simple you just need to put haptic reader on your book and just press start button it automatically converts letters into Braille characters so now blind people can easily read it.


  • it can convert any text into Braille characters
  • simple and easy to use



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