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Engineering Seminar Topics

Transparent Mobile phone

Transparent Mobile phone Abstract It is quite exciting to know that the Polytron has now created a working prototype of a transparent mobile phone. However, Polytron, a Taiwan based company has created a smartphone that is fully transparent and only the circuit board, memory card and camera unit is visible. …

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Zero Gravity Massaging Chair

Zero Gravity Massaging Chair Abstract There is nothing more stimulating than a massage to soften your stiff shoulders after a hard day’s work. However, going out for a massage at times can be a stressful feat by itself. This Zero-gravity massaging chair will put your body in a comfortable position, …

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Intelligent parking chair

Intelligent parking chair Abstract Inspired by the technology and learning behind its self-parking cars, Nissan designed what it calls the “Intelligent Parking Chair.” Watching the mobile chairs skitter under tables is charming, like some sort of Pixar film about polite office furniture. “By day, these chairs are inanimate objects. By …

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Artificial Passenger


Artificial Passenger Abstract Artificial Passenger is a companion for while travelling. This AP is basically a software that is been embedded into the dashboard of the car which interacts with you, talks with you, replies to your questions, answers your questions, its inbuilt cameras watches you, your response, recognizes your lip readings etc. …

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pile foundation Abstract A pile foundation is a vertical structural element of a deep foundation, driven deep into the ground at the building site. a pile is a long slender foundation member, made either of timber, structural steel or concrete which might be cast-in-situ or driven and acts as a structural member to transfer the …

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iCare-Reader Portable Reading Device for the Blind

wearable text reader iCare-Reader Portable Reading Device for the Blind

iCare-Reader Abstract iCare-Reader Portable Reading Device for the Blind According to the world health report of 1997, there are about ten million blind and visually-damaged/weakened people in the forty five million blind people world-wide. Though there are many existing solutions to the problem of helping people who are blind to read, …

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