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BCA Seminar Topics


Mongodb Abstract Mongo DB is scalable, open source, high performance, document oriented database. MongoDB is an open-source document database that provides high performance, high availability, and automatic scaling. MongoDB is available under General Public license for free and it is also available under Commercial license from the manufacture. It is …

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SalesForce Abstract Salesforce is cloud computing and social enterprise software-as-a-service(saas), it is a company which provide cloud based software service so it doesn’t require a team of IT experts to set up or manage — you just log in and start using it.   Salesforce Video     What isSalesforce? Salesforce is …

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Packet sniffing

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Packet Sniffing Abstract Packet sniffing is a technique of monitoring every packet that crosses the network. A packet sniffer is a piece of software or hardware that monitors all network traffic. This is unlike standard network hosts that only receive traffic sent specifically to them. The security threat presented by …

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Artificial Passenger


Artificial Passenger Abstract Artificial Passenger is a companion for while travelling. This AP is basically a software that is been embedded into the dashboard of the car which interacts with you, talks with you, replies to your questions, answers your questions, its inbuilt cameras watches you, your response, recognizes your lip readings etc. …

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Pill Camera

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Pill Camera Abstract Pill Camera is a great development in the field of technology and surgical. According to convention method, to have a complete body check-up you need to pass a long procedure. But After the development of this pill camera it became so easy and more convenient. You just …

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Smart Quill

Smart Quill Abstract Smart Quill is basically a pen that is been used to write same as normal pen. But the difference is that this pen remembers what you write and then is converts it into the computer text. This pen records the information inserted by the user. Smart Quill …

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Haptic Reader


Haptic Reader Abstract The Haptic Reader helps blind people to read non-Braille books. When you place it on the page of a book it scans the letters on the page. The letters are converted to Braille characters, which appear on the surface of the device. The text can also be …

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Eye Ring Braille Scanner

Eye Ring Braille Scanner Abstract Eye Ring Braille Scanner is an idea ring gadget that gives an opportunity to outwardly weakened individuals to peruse books. You can discover new and applicable reading so as to learn books, lamentably not all individuals have the privilege to do as such, there are …

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iCare-Reader Portable Reading Device for the Blind

wearable text reader iCare-Reader Portable Reading Device for the Blind

iCare-Reader Abstract iCare-Reader Portable Reading Device for the Blind According to the world health report of 1997, there are about ten million blind and visually-damaged/weakened people in the forty five million blind people world-wide. Though there are many existing solutions to the problem of helping people who are blind to read, …

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Voice Stick Portable Text Scanning Device

voice-stick-Portable Reading Devices for the blind

Voice Stick Portable Text Scanning Device Abstract Voice Stick Portable Text Scanning Device is latest innovation for blind peoples. Innovation is enhancing step by step and a hefty portion of the developments are being gotten ready for different sections of individuals. A considerable lot of the developments are likewise created …

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