Monday , June 26 2017
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Brain Gate

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Pill Camera

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Transparent Mobile phone

Transparent Mobile phone Abstract It is quite exciting to know that the Polytron has now created a working prototype of a transparent mobile phone. However, Polytron, a Taiwan based company has created a smartphone that is fully transparent and only the circuit board, memory card and camera unit is visible. …

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Japanese 5-S Practice

Japanese 5-S Practice Abstract 5S is the name of a workplace organization method that uses a list of five Japanese words: seiri,seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke, they all start with the letter “S”. The list describes how to organize a work space for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing …

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Kobetsu Kaizen

Kobetsu Kaizen Abstract ‘Kobetsu’ basically means individual or focused. This is a Kaizen driven for a very specific issue, in comparison to a broad approach that some Kaizen address. “Kai” means change, and “Zen” means good (for the better ). Basically kaizen is for small improvements, but carried out on …

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